Student Council


The Student Council is made up of representatives from each year group in Secondary School and is chaired by the Head Boy and Girl. The Council represents the student body, and student representatives are elected by each class at the beginning of the school year. A member of staff is selected by the Head of Secondary School to supervise/liaise with the School Council.

The purpose of the School Council is to provide a forum for student opinions and ideas for improving school life. It has the following aims:

  • Organise social events for all Secondary School students
  • Improve the Secondary School environment
  • Raise money for charity

In School Council meetings, issues raised by the students are discussed, and then the Chairman reports suggestions to the Head of Secondary School. Through the work of the Student Council, the following has been achieved in recent years:

  • School meals have been improved and the menu increased.
  • Basketball hoops have been purchased for recreational use at break and lunch times.
  • Benches have been placed throughout the school grounds for student use.

The Council meets on a weekly basis at Secondary School. A staff–led Student Council also exists at Primary School, giving younger students valuable training for involvement in the Secondary Student Council.

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