‘Ersatzschulstatus’ and Bilingual Classes


At our Primary School, we offer two separate programmes:

  1. ‘genehmigte bilinguale Ersatzschule’ (state-recognised bilingual private school): Bilingual English-German programme based on a blend of the local Berlin curriculum framework (Berliner Rahmenlehrplan) merged with the IB Primary Years Programme (IBPYP); Mathematics and P.E. are taught in German as well as the mandatory German lessons (approx. 50% of the lessons).
  2. ‘internationale Ergänzungsschule’ (private international school): Monolingual English-only programme based upon the framework of the International Baccalaureate (IBPYP) and is taught through the medium of English, except for the mandatory German lessons.

In September 2015, our Primary School was granted the status of a ‘genehmigte Ersatzschule’ from the Berlin Senat. Primary students attending the Ersatzschule follow the local Berlin curriculum framework (Berliner Rahmenlehrplan) merged with the IB Primary Years Programme (IBPYP). This means that up to 50% of the education we provide is taught through the medium of German and also, all reports are written in German.

We are gradually phasing in bilingual instruction for all our classes from Grade 1 up to the end of Grade 10. We began in 2015-16 at Primary School with Grade 1, and with every school year, bilingual teaching will increase by one year group until the school year 2020-21, when the bilingual programme will be available for all our students in all year groups up to Grade 10.

Primary students attending the Ersatzschule (bilingual programme) receive instruction in Mathematics and P.E. in German in addition to the mandatory German lessons. Since we are an inclusive school, all Primary students are taught as a mixed class-unit, irrespective of the programme they attend; only for the aforementioned three subjects, i.e. German, Maths and P.E. the children are divided into two groups according on their programme. Students attending the Ersatzschule then receive instructions in German, whereas students attending the Ergänzungsschule receive parallel instructions in English.

At Primary School, all students irrespective of their programme of attendance, receive bilingual reports based on the model of the Berliner report system of Grades 1-3. On each report, the learning objectives for each year group are specified bilingually, both in German and English, and assessed according to students’ individual performance.

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