Year 6 Exhibition     

The highlight of the recent weeks was the Year 6 Exhibition. The theme of this year’s Exhibition was “ Building a Sustainable Future”. The Year 6 pupils under the guidance of our Year 6 teachers have worked incredibly hard to produce a very successful exhibition.  The pupils focused on the causes and effects of climate change and researched many other areas in connection with sustainability. Teachers from all areas of the school were invited to support and guide the pupils in their research. The pupils then held very professional and well -prepared presentations on the fruits of their research. In their exhibition groups, the pupils presented to Secondary pupils and teachers, also to Early Years’ pupils and all the Primary School pupils. Three days were dedicated to presenting to various audiences including their parents.

The Exhibition gives the pupils the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the world around us and its challenges and provides them with powerful, life-long learning tools.

The Year 6 children and their class teachers should be extremely proud of their achievements this year.