Extra Activities

The extracurricular programme represents a great opportunity for children to relax, have fun, make new friends and try a new challenge. Extracurricular activities take place in various locations, both inside and outside school. Some clubs are offered at weekends.

We are proud to offer clubs run by our own teachers as well as external teachers/coaches. Clubs vary from private sports, through music to curriculum based support, arts, ICT, and life skills. There are clubs for both Primary and Secondary students. In the local area, there are many sporting events as well as museums, concerts and wider cultural opportunities which the school exhibits for the students’ benefit.

Involvement in the extracurricular programme presents students with the opportunity to develop all sorts of skills including those acquired through team work, as well as hidden talents. Clubs are also a great way for pupils to get to know others outside their year group, to work with different teachers, and improve their physical fitness.

A list of current extracurricular activities offered at BBS can be downloaded on this page.


After School Club Guidelines

Important Dates and Registration:

Clubs will commence on the 31.08.2020 and end on the 14.12.2020.

Unless otherwise stated ASCs will run during the dates mentioned above.

All students who would like to participate, must register using the below online form. The deadline for the Autumn Term registration is Sunday, 16.08.2020.

It is expected that once signed up for an activity, students attend the activity for the entire duration of the term. If circumstances prevent students from continuing or attending to an activity (e.g. sickness, absence etc.), we kindly ask all parents to inform the ASC Coordinator and the activity leader of their child’s absence in advance. If your child started with an ASC and does not want to continue beyond the first week, you can withdraw without cost. To withdraw, you will need to inform by email.


Invoices will be handed to the students by the activity leader. If your child wishes to discontinue an ASC doing the term, it is in the responsibility of the activity leader whether or not he/she chooses to amend the invoice. Accounting lies exclusively with the activity leader, Berlin British School is not involved.

Place Allocation:

Please make sure to only register your child for clubs that are suitable for their corresponding year group. Students who have not yet taken part in a specific club, have priority over others in the selection process. All other students will be chosen by means of a lottery. Those not selected will be placed on a waiting list in drawn order.

Pick-up Regulation:

Please ensure that your child is picked up in time at the end of a club. If your child is not picked up on time, he/ she will be send to After School Care.

There will be no late home busses.

Dress Code:

All students participating in sporting activities are expected to wear appropriate, functional clothing. Indoor activities require non-marking, clean indoor shoes. All students participating in artistic activities should bring an old shirt or apron to protect their clothes.