Extra Activities

The extracurricular programme represents a great opportunity for children to relax, have fun, make new friends and try a new challenge. Extracurricular activities take place in various locations, both inside and outside school. Some clubs are offered at weekends.

We are proud to offer clubs run by our own teachers as well as external teachers/coaches. Clubs vary from private sports, through music to curriculum based support, arts, ICT, and life skills. There are clubs for both Primary and Secondary students. In the local area, there are many sporting events as well as museums, concerts and wider cultural opportunities which the school exhibits for the students’ benefit.

Involvement in the extracurricular programme presents students with the opportunity to develop all sorts of skills including those acquired through team work, as well as hidden talents. Clubs are also a great way for pupils to get to know others outside their year group, to work with different teachers, and improve their physical fitness.

A list of current extracurricular activities offered at BBS can be downloaded on this page.