Production of Robot World

What a fantastic team effort between all the Year 5, 6 pupils and the teaching staff!!

The fruits of their combined labour were impressive. The idea of  Robot World originated from the current Year 6, group last academic year. The Year 6s wrote the script and developed the characters themselves. The acting and the choreography were guided by our skilled Year 5 and 6 teachers. The creation and painting of the backdrop and the construction of all the props were a joint effort by the pupils and  teachers. The production was directed by our music teacher ,who provided the music and led the school band. With little rehearsal time and great enthusiasm and hard work they all collectively succeeded to produce a wonderful masterpiece “ Robot World”,  which was enjoyed by all.

Additionally, in the course of their rehearsals for the production the pupils were given the opportunity to have coaching sessions by a professional actor, from the film company InterACT.