Chicago Trip

The Chicago trip was an extraordinary experience for us all. Although the flight was a bit stressful, trying to catch the connecting flight on time while having to go through passport control, the trip was absolutely remarkable.

First day, we went on a boat ride across the river where we experienced a sort of personal architectural view of Chicago and some of the general history of this fascinating city. Afterwards we ate fast food as typical tourists have to do in America. We also went to the Sky deck, hundreds of metres above the ground.

On Tuesday we went to the University of Chicago where, firstly, we visited the cathedral which Rockefeller funded. It was an amazing piece of architecture; the vastness of the cathedral was breathtaking. Then we went to the science museum, with its many exhibits.

Wednesday, we went to a High School called Morgan Park Academy where we observed a court scene taking place. 

Thursday was mostly relaxing: we went to the zoo and even the lions would agree that it was quite a slow day, sleeping through our whole visit.

Friday was our last day there and we visited the aquarium. Then we went back to the airport where we endured the rigorous checks and double checks before returning home.