GISST Cross Country

We enjoyed a fantastic day for the annual GISST cross-country event held at BBS. Many thanks to all the families that kindly shared their house and time with two or more, visiting runners. They had a great time and we’ve had nothing but praise so many thanks for your time and efforts.

Just to highlight the importance of this event to BBS’s involvement in GISST here’s a little information:

– As we’re a very small school in a large group of schools within GISST (German International Sports Schools) and we have no sports facilities, this is an event we’re able to host using our natural environment!

– This year there was 274 runners and 9 schools participating (out of 11 schools in GISST).

– Schools love the event, the school and the location!

– This is a massive compliment to us all at BBS.

Every BBS runner did themselves proud by participating and giving their best, well done and THANK YOU.