We arrived at school on Thursday 31st May at 6pm for the Year 3 sleepover. We removed the furniture from the Year 3 classrooms, spread out our beds on the floor and then played dodge ball before dinner. We ate pasta with a tomato sauce and had a juicy watermelon for dessert. Afterwards we gathered in the hall for a treasure hunt. In teams we had to search for hidden clues all over the school. The clues were in German and the native speakers in our groups had to translate them. We were allowed to run around the school and we felt naughty as if we were breaking all the rules. We were excited to see who would win. It was now time to go to bed. Instead of sleeping we chatted to our friends! We were happy to be with our friends but sad that it had to end.

We enjoyed it so much that we would like to do it all over again.

Group writing by Year 3